The very best reasons for spending your honeymoon in Mauritius

If you ask people today about the ideal honeymoon destinations in the world, they could very likely mention Mauritius at one point. As a matter of fact, Mauritius has strongly proven itself as a leading honeymoon destination and is very popular with tourists from all the continents, mainly Europeans. This is due to many reasons that have led to cement its position as a top vacation spot.

The primary reason behind the Indian Ocean island’s popularity is the presence of a set of absolutely amazing beaches that are highly popular with all visitors. Indian Ocean islands are recognised for their gorgeous beaches, and Mauritius is no exception. Although Mauritius may have slightly less beautiful beaches than the Seychelles or the Maldives, the fact that it provides better facilities and is a better developed country means it generally has its fans. The Mauritian beaches comprise both public beaches where you will be able to see a lot of the local population also have a good time but also private beaches, which belong to the hotels and are thus quieter.

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Another great reason for spending your honeymoon in Mauritius is the fact that the island is really very developed while depending heavily on its travel related industry. As such, there are more things to do and to visit in Mauritius than in most other islands. Mauritius has a great way of life with some towns totally devoted to offering entertainment for tourists such as Grand Baie which is situated in the north of the island near the resorts. There are also excellent sites to visit such as its animal park and some very unique sites. Moreover, the number of activities tourists can enjoy in is just incredible and range from para sailing to scuba diving.

One of the major reasons that have made it possible for Mauritius to develop into such a famous tourist destination is the fact that it is a low cost choice for people from Europe and America. The Mauritian Rupee, the island’s currency, offers a great incentive for such tourists as it is quite weak compared to foreign currencies. As such, Mauritius is a much more cost-effective honeymoon spot, and this is always a big advantage, particularly for young couples. Lodging prices are also cheaper in Mauritius due to the large number of hotels and resorts available all over the island, therefore allowing couples to get an incredible number of offers to choose from. It is also worth noting that Mauritius offers better accommodation than most other honeymoon spots and is also well-known for its boutique hotels.

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