What to do in Mauritius: Sugar Adventure Tour

L’Aventure du Sucre

Entertaining, delighting and tasty.

Set in a beautiful park in the historical village of Pamplemousses, what was formerly a sugar factory now offers a cultural and delighting experience, telling about the adventure relating to sugar, one of the prized products for merchant ships and discoverers of other times.

At l’Aventure du Sucre, discovery and knowledge are fun and entertaining. Modern exhibitions tools make a hunt easy and attractive and take you on a magical journey. Even kids have a great time with the mascots Raj the Indian Mynah and Florise the mongoose, that keep the fun rolling for them during the visit.

SugarThe visitor is swept into a vivid story telling about the sugar journey and its fascination on mankind and the major role of sugar production in Mauritius’ history. From one episode to the other, one learns about the East Indian Company route, slavery and pirates under colonial times, the fight for independence, the island’s economic development and the evolution of sugar producing techniques. One can even step onto a barge floating in the bay recalling old sugar shipping methods.

The visit continues at Village Boutik where one can taste the precious array of special sugars produced locally and bearing international “Unrefined sugar” authenticity label. They are exported to prestigious delicacy shops and restaurants in Europe and their incredible and unique flavours have conquered the most famous Europeans chefs and gastronomes. Two varieties are unique to the island: the “Light Soft Brown” used in exotic recipes, and the “Coffee Crystals”, are highly appreciated by coffee connoisseurs.

You can also try the spicy “Flavoured Rhums” offered for tasting at the Boutik along with traditional Mauritian recipes, such as the range of jam and jellies as well as a fine selection of local handicrafts.

End the visit with a tasty experience at the restaurant “Le Fangourin” where tradition and modernity blend through local recipes and innovative flavours. The menu is based on fresh products: fish, venison, tropical vegetables and exotic fruits are prepared to modern expectations of gastronomes, still with a charming local touch.

For further information, visit: www.aventuredesucre.com

Signposted from the North-South highway at the Pamplemousses roundabout,  between Port Louis and Grand Bay. Open every day from 9a.m. to 5p.m.

Access to shop and restaurant free of charge.


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