Souvenir Shopping in Mauritius: Model Ships

The model ship building industry in Mauritius started out small, but has been so successful that the original craftsmen split up and there are now several workshops located across Mauritius.

Albatros Model Ship

The 1840 Albatros Model Ship by First Fleet Reproductions

There are about 60 or so different models, with famous ships like the Golden Hind, Victory, Mayflower, USS Constitution and the Cutty Sarkamongst them.

Each of these models ships are crafted by hand, exactly to scale. They made using camphor or teak for the ship’s keel, hard bois de natté for the masts, yards and pulley blocks and soft lilac for the helm and capstan.

These great model ships can be checked as baggage on the flight home, but a surcharge may apply. Otherwise the ships can be sent worldwide.

  • One of the best known model ship manufacturers in Mauritius is Comajora at La Brasserie Road, Forest Side (tel: 676 5345).
  • Bobato (formerly La Flotte) has a showroom in Curepipe (tel: 675 2899) and a factory in Vacoas(tel: 696 6052).
  • First Fleet Reproductions is at 74-76 Royal Road, Phoenix (tel: 698 0161,
  • Palais d’Orient has several workshops around Mauritius including Curepipe, Floréal and Grand Baie (tel: 263 5738).

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