Car Rentals in Mauritius

There are numerous car hire companies located in Mauritius and prices vary widely starting from 800 rupees per day.

To be on the safe side visitors should get  full insurance and only rent cars from companies holding a tourism enterprise license. These cars are identifiable by their yellow registration number plates, while private cars ( unsuitable for rent ) have black plates.

Car rentals in Mauritius

Remember, Mauritius uses the British driving system (driving on the left). The speed limit is 80km/h on the highways and 50km/h in the more built-up areas. In order to hire a car you need to be at least 20 years old. Some hire companies require you to be older, at least 25 years old. The minimum age varies according to the hire car company. You must have had your licence for at least one year. You can also hire a driver from the car hire company if you wish.

Mauritius has a very busy and well organised bus service. Many people in Mauritius travel varying distances to work as they often do not live and work in the same town. There is not much overloading on the buses compared to the rest of Africa. The fares are reasonable. It is important to ask where the bus is going as the name on the front of the bus is not always the same as the destination.

Hitchhiking is not recommended. If you are staying at one of the upmarket hotels, you really do not need a car as you will have all you need at your hotel. Tennis Courts, the sea, many activities, a spa and much much more. You might find you simply don’t have time to go exploring. If you do feel like exploring hire a taxi for a day and get a driver to take you sight seeing and to some factory shops! That will be enough for you and you will have fun! Otherwise enjoy yourself at your resort. Really, there will be everything you need there. Have fun!

Here are a few Car Rental Companies in Mauritius: