Weather in Mauritius

When you are planning your holiday to Mauritius, your first question I am sure, is when to visit Mauritius. You do not want to travel 8hrs to sit in rain! So, when to go?

The weather in Mauritius is tropical, but for a very small island it has many micro climates, which makes forecasting a bit of an art. The temperatures are warm throughout the year, but the island has two main seasons:


Mauritius has a hot summer (November – April) with temperatures averaging 30˚C along the coast


Mauritius has a warm winter (May – October) with average temperatures of 24˚C along the coast. Keep in mind that the temperatures in the mainland will always be 3 – 5˚C colder.

Humidity and Rainfall

Humidity is high throughout the year – over 90% on the plateau, a little less on the coast – but the winter months see a slight drop in clamminess.

You can’t have a lush tropical forest and succulent palm trees without lots of rain. The rainfall in different regions vary, with a yearly total of 1200mm in the North and 3600mm on the plateau. However, it is rare to have a whole day of rain and cloud. Most precipitation falls in short, sharp storms, interspersed with periods of sunshine. Local people habitually carry umbrellas, to protect them against both the rain fall and hot sun.


Mauritius lies in the cyclone zone. Cyclones are the name given to powerful tropical storms of the Indian Ocean. (They’re called hurricanes in the Atlantic and typhoons in the Pacific) The season lasts from November until April, but not every season brings a dangerous storm.

For average temperatures in Mauritius, please see below:

Weather for Mauritius - Yearly Climate

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