Tours of Mauritius

The best way to expolre any country is with a guided tour. Why not take a helicopter sight-seeing tour or a shopping tour to explore the culture and wonders of Mauritius.

Helicopter Sight-Seeing Tour

Enjoy a breathtaking aerial view of the beaches and coral islands of Mauritius in a private helicopter tour.

This tour offers amazing panoramic views of Mauritius from above and is an experience you will cherish forever. You can customize the tour course according to what you want and the pilot will personally guide and inform you about history, geography and sites of interest as you fly above them.

Enjoy spectacular views of Mauritius’ coastal areas and the contrasting mountain ranges and meandering valleys.

Shopping Tour

Mauritius Tea Route

Other Tours

Rhumerie de Chamarel, Chamarel

Taxi Mauritius, Baie du Tombeau

Ciel et Nature Ltee., Bel Ombre

Tour of Mauritius South East Region

Tour of Mauritius South West Region

Tour of the North of Mauritius