Weather in Mauritius in November

November month is part of Mauritius’ hot summer weather, so expect temperatures averaging 30°C (86°C) along the coast and mid twenties in the midland.

Humidity is high throughout the year – with a 68% average for November. Expect the humidity to rise slightly when heading to the plateau.

You can’t have a lush tropical forest and succulent palm trees without lots of rain. So expect an average rainfall of 33mm during November in Mauritius. This is not a lot and most precipitation falls in short, sharp storms, interspersed with periods of sunshine.

November month is also part of the cyclone season in Mauritius. Cyclones are the name given to powerful tropical storms of the Indian Ocean. (They’re called hurricanes in the Atlantic and typhoons in the Pacific) The season lasts from November until April, but not every season brings a dangerous storm.

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Souvenir Shopping: Jewellery in Mauritius

The production of jewellery in Mauritius has become a thriving industry and jewellery shops are found all over the island and in some upmarket hotels.

Diamonds in Maruitius

Mauritius doesn’t mine diamonds, but its close neighbour South Africa has one of the world’s largest reserves. Since the 1970s several diamond-polishing houses have been established on the island and jewellery has become big business, with the rough diamonds arriving direct from the diamond auction houses and being transformed into brilliant gems.

You can buy loose stones in a variety of cuts and finished jewellery pieces, or you could have a custom piece made within days.

Diamonds in Mauritius

Diamonds are priced according to the balance of four main criteria – colour, clarity, cut and size – so a bigger stone with flaws may cost less than a smaller but ‘cleaner’ stone. When buying diamonds you should be given detailed information about the quality of the stone you are buying and a certificate of authenticity to accompany any purchase.


Cledor was the first diamond polishing company on the island, followed closely by Adamas. Both companies focus on fine gem jewellery.

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Clothes and T-Shirt Shopping in Mauritius

Although the textile industry in Mauritius has been eclipsed by China, it is still one of Mauritus’ biggest earners. Many of the brand-name clothes on sale in Europe, Australia and the USA are produced in factories around Curepipe, Floréal and Vacoas.

Many of the bigger suppliers have outlet stores and factory shops where you can buy the clothing for a fraction of their usual retail price.

There are also many brand name copies and knock-offs sold around the island, so check carefully for minor flaws and dodgy stitching. The best place to buy genuine seconds is the market at Quatre Barnes.

Textile Factory Mauritius

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Souvenir shopping in Mauritius

If you are looking for a reminder of Mauritius to take home with you, you’ve got a wide variety to choose from. Locally produced basketry, essential oils, sugar, spices, teas and t-shirts all make very portable souvenirs. The Craft Market in Port Louis’ Caudan Waterfront complex offers perhaps the widest selection. Most of the crafts sold there, and at the Grand Baie bazaar, are of Malagasy origin. These crafts include leather belts and bags, masks, embroidery and semi-precious stone solitaire sets.

Given such a wide variety of products to choose from, there is no reason to purchase items made from endangered species, so avoid any seashell, coral or turtleshell products.


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