Mauritius Glass Gallery

The Mauritius Glass Gallery at Pont Fer, Phoenix, produces handmade glass objects made from recycled glass, to promote environmental awareness. The workshop is open to the public, with regular glass blowing demonstrations throughout the day, and a shop selling the products. These beautiful glass ornaments can also be bought in the craft market at Caudan Waterfront, at the Super U Commercial Centre in Grand Baie and at the airport. Products include glass dodos, paperweights and lamps.

Mauritius Glass Gallery

Glass Ornaments made at the Mauritius Glass Gallery

Contact the Mauritius Glass Gallery: Tel: 696 3360 Email:

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Souvenir Shopping in Mauritius: Model Ships

The model ship building industry in Mauritius started out small, but has been so successful that the original craftsmen split up and there are now several workshops located across Mauritius.

Albatros Model Ship

The 1840 Albatros Model Ship by First Fleet Reproductions

There are about 60 or so different models, with famous ships like the Golden Hind, Victory, Mayflower, USS Constitution and the Cutty Sarkamongst them.

Each of these models ships are crafted by hand, exactly to scale. They made using camphor or teak for the ship’s keel, hard bois de natté for the masts, yards and pulley blocks and soft lilac for the helm and capstan.

These great model ships can be checked as baggage on the flight home, but a surcharge may apply. Otherwise the ships can be sent worldwide.

  • One of the best known model ship manufacturers in Mauritius is Comajora at La Brasserie Road, Forest Side (tel: 676 5345).
  • Bobato (formerly La Flotte) has a showroom in Curepipe (tel: 675 2899) and a factory in Vacoas(tel: 696 6052).
  • First Fleet Reproductions is at 74-76 Royal Road, Phoenix (tel: 698 0161,
  • Palais d’Orient has several workshops around Mauritius including Curepipe, Floréal and Grand Baie (tel: 263 5738).

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Mauritius Economy: Doing Business in Mauritius

Mauritius is one of the world’s top 20 countries with which to do business.

In 2010 Mauritius landed more than $450 million in direct foreign investment. The GDP of Mauritius has grown at an average of 5% for the past 10 years. The tax rate for both individuals and business is a flat 15%. Mauritius has no trade barriers, no exchange controls, no quotas or capital gains tax. Mauritius also has double-tax avoidance agreements with almost 40 countries.

Mauritius focuses on finance, textiles, and technology. In 2008 Mauritius introduced the Integrated Resort Scheme and Real Estate Scheme which encourages foreigners to buy property in certain areas. This gives foreigners the right to freehold property, residency, business rights and even citizenship.

There is a no tax agreement with India. Mauritius has trade agreements within the SADC and Comesa which allows for duty-free exports to the member countries, including South Africa (SADC) and Egypt (Comesa).


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Nature and Wildlife in Mauritius

Mauritius is a paradise of natural beauty just waiting for you to explore.Explore the fauna and flora of Mauritius. Go to one of the botanical gardens for the beautiful plant life and the giant Amazon water lilies. Or to see the stunning macaws, giant turtles, crocodiles and other animals, go to one of the nature parks and reserves.

Birdwatching in Mauritius

Macaw ParrotsCasela Bird Park, Tamarin is a must see for all birdwatchers and enthusiasts. With more than 140 different bird species, you will be sure to encounter a wide variety of chirps and sonorous birdcalls.

This is the ideal getaway for both seasoned and amateur ornithologists.

Casela Nature and Leisure Park

Casela Nature Reserve and Leisure Park provides you with the chance to take a trip through their reserves on a quad bike. You can choose between the African reserve where you will encounter zebra, deer and African antelopes, or the Yemen nature reserve with its indigenous forest.

You are accompanied by a tour guide and a professional photographer who will be taking photos of your journey.

You can participate in Casels’s Rando Fun activity, which provides an adventurous circuit in harmony with nature. The programme includes a walk, Nepalese brideges, zip-lines, a swim through a canyon, a BBQ grill, etc.

Casela also has a photo safari, petting farm, hunting lodge and a restaurant.

For more information go to the Casela Nature and Leisure Park website.

Safari Adventures Mauritius

Lion In Casela

Safari Adventures Mauritius provides you with the opportunity to take a walk with lions and interact with cheestahs at the Casela Nature & Leisure Park, Mauritius. This is a unique opportunity to meet, touch and walk with big cats.

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