When I travel to a new country I always want to know the best places to shop and what are that country’s specialities. Mauritius is seen as a shopper’s paradise. Specialities are carved model ships, duty-free diamonds and designer clothing. There are many clothing factory shops. Factory shops are found throughout Mauritius, but mostly in the areas of Curepipe, Floreal and Quatre Bornes. Shopping in Mauritius is a nice way to explore the cultures and people of Mauritius and take a little part of your trip home with you. Shopping in Mauritius is a pleasure! There are a lot of bargains to be had.
You can choose between the duty-free shops, markets, shopping centers, arcades and craft shops scattered across the island. A good option is to hire a taxi driver and ask him to take you to the factory shops.

Shopping in Mauritius

The market in Port-Louis (also known as Le Bazar central de Port-Louis) is the ideal place for local fabric, weave work and spice sales. T-shit shopping is also very popular, as there are a host of export-quality shirts at bargain prices available.

Please let us know what you would be specifically shopping for when in Mauritius. We will be bringing you details of specific suppliers of Mauritius products, but if there is any item that you are specifically interested in, such as diamonds, please do advise us accordingly. We will be keeping this website up to date on a daily basis. At this stage we are still developing and designing our Mauritius website, so we really need your input so that we can be assured of bringing you the best information that you really want.

To Haggle or not to Haggle?

Haggling is a common practice when shopping in Mauritius at the markets or on the beaches, where you should never pay the first price asked. The salesmen are all too willing to haggle with you for a discount price.

Even in shops, prices may seem to be fixed, but it wouldn’t hurt to ask for a discount, especially if you are buying a high-end item. Traders are also more flexible on prices during the beginning and end of season, when business is slow.

If you feel uneasy about haggling here are a few tips to help you out:

  • Haggling should be a friendly process through which a mutually agreed upon price is selected. It is not an argument.
  • Try not to show too much interest in the product. If the trader knows you really want the product he’ll push for a higher price.
  • When a vendor offers you a price, counter with an offer of around half that sum. The vendor will counter with another price and you’ll counter with a lower offer again. Normally you’ll be able to settle on an offer of about 75% of the original amount.

Now that you are prepared and know how to haggle, enjoy your shopping in Mauritius!

Shops and more in Mauritius

Shopping hours: Monday to Saturday (06:00-18:00) & Sunday (06:00-12:00)

BOBATO LTEE (Shipmodel & Craftmanship)
Address : Curepipe, Mauritius
Phone : (230) 675-2899

Address : 33, Sir William Newton St., Port-Louis, Mauritius
Phone : (230) 208-2419
Contact : Mr. Roger Kwon
Activity : Film developer & Photography

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