Factory Shops in Mauritius

There are many great factory outlets and factory shops on Mauritius where you can get great products at reduced prices. Shopping at these factories will be sure to get you value for money.

Clothing and Textiles

Although the textile industry in Mauritius has been eclipsed by China, it is still one of Mauritus’ biggest earners. Many of the brand-name clothes on sale in Europe, Australia and the USA are produced in factories around Curepipe, Floréal and Vacoas.

Many of the bigger suppliers have outlet stores and factory shops where you can buy the clothing for a fraction of their usual retail price.

There are also many brand name copies and knock-offs sold around the island, so check carefully for minor flaws and dodgy stitching. The best place to buy genuine seconds is the market at Quatre Barnes.

Billabong Factory

Manufactured locally, under the Australian franchise, the products at Billabong are top quality at reasonable prices. An apt description of their range of products would be: Comfy, Stylish and Ready for Action! Guys and Girls, you will find everything that you’ll need, from shorts, three-quarter pants, swimsuits, t-shirts, slippers, sunnies and other accessories to be ‘dans bataz lor la plaze’ (in style by the beach)! The factory outlet is at Coromandel, on the outskirts of Port Louis, at only a 10-minute drive from the city centre

Retail outlets: Caudan Waterfront Port Louis, Super U, Grand Baie.

Textile Factories

There are a range of factory outlets in Mauritius ideal for cheap textile shopping. In such shops products are sold directly from the factories. If you are apt in the skill of bargaining then this is the best place for textile shopping in Mauritius. These factory outlets offer a wide range of warm clothes in different designs like crew-neck, boat-neck, v-neck, off-shoulder and turtle-neck. However make sure that you check the items well before buying them as some of the products sold in the outlets are rejected by the factory and have defects.